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Online Advertising Done Properly

Do It Properly Ads is a modern and professional marketing agency that has roots back to February 2019. It was started by two enthuasiasts of Google Ads, who directly worked for the biggest Search Engine company, and decided later to step up and bring their input in the online advertising industry. 

Our main business focus is based on Google Ads account management, at least for now, where we are providing our three main services – account management, decreasing advertising costs and increasing return on investment.

Our other business focuses also include website creation on easy to operate platforms, e-commerce store setup, social media advertising, and search engine optimization.


If you never advertised with Google Ads, then right now is the best time to hop on the train of this amazing platform. It provides a service that no other traditional advertising channels will give you. You directly get linked to the customers interacting with your ads, and pay only when they click

on your ad, therefore you can easily minimize the costs of your marketing while increasing the efficiency of it. Just imagine if you did this with those big bilboards on the side of highways, you would pay only for it being there if someone actually saw that ad and directly reached out to you because of it.

Google Ads is one of the biggest and most widely used advertising platforms. Do It Properly Ads specializes in managing experienced and also new user accounts, while focusing on improvement

of currently running campaigns. As a marketing agency, we have a proven background of increasing revenue and lowering costs for advertising of our clients. We can help you if you are new to Google Ads and also if you have been already running your account and it needs improvement.

Additionally to managing accounts, we provide audits of your current account to indicate

the wellbeing and improvements you should implement. For people who never used Google Ads,

we are able to provide a forecast of possible costs and revenue that can be gained if you use our services.


Having an online visit card for your business nowadays brings many benefits and actually leads

to attracting more clients. Do It Properly Ads are here to help you in creating a website for your business. We are working with the most popular platforms and can adjust the site to your specific needs.


Don't do it yourself, Do it properly!

Let us know what we can help you with!

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